Together we collect

We campaign for public donations for a live list of items agreed with our partner organisations updated to show most needed at the time. Our supporters collect and drop off their items to one of our many drop off points found all over Belfast City.


We pack

Team AWB, alongside a host of volunteers, sort, count, and pack the donated items at SYLO ‘Sort Your Life Out’, our series of events designed to connect our community.

With love and pride, our volunteers make up a variety of bespoke ‘Love Packs’ such as family sharing packs, rough-sleeper kits, welcome packs for recent victims of human trafficking, or simply period care packs.


& We diStribute

AWB proudly delivers orders, to local organisations and groups working to address the complex needs of homeless people, asylum seekers, refugees, vulnerable young people and families living in extreme poverty.

We focus our distribution to intercultural and non-political initiatives that work to support the good humans around us.

You can request support from the Love Pack for your organisation or group.


show some love

Born from a small collection between friends and their networks in 2017, The Love Pack closed its most recent campaign with a massive 9000 essential need and hygiene items donated. That’s a purchase value of over £17,000!


We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people, with our primary mission being the support of immediate needs.

We will fight for change so no person has to make a choice between basic items or having sufficient food.


Our work goes much further than packing and sorting. We also collect excess donations from bigger organisations such as The Welcome Organisation and redistribute them to smaller groups in need. We regularly volunteer with many of our partner organisations as they do their work on the front line for vulnerable people.