How can I support? 

There are lots of ways.

  • Donate toiletries and underwear items for the The Love Pack collection

  • Even better if you could start a collection yourself at your office, staff room, school or club

  • Come to a SYLO event to help us make Love packs

  • Buy your gifts from us. Next time you’re invited for dinner, why not bring a scrub or candle for the host? Birthday coming up? Gift and give back, or better still, treat yourself and support what we do at the same time.

Can I donate cash? 

Yes you can, however for now, it’s easier for us to accept a voucher so we can use that to buy direct Love Pack donations. 

Do you need volunteers? 

We focus this activity around our ‘Sort your life out’ events, where many hands make light work. There will be further volunteer opportunities in the future so let us know if and when you can help. 

What is a CIC?

A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists on a ‘Not-for-Profit basis to benefit the community rather than private shareholders.

We are registered at Companies House, and are regulated and monitored to ensure the purpose for which we were set up, to benefit our community, is adhered to. This also locks any assets and limits what can be earned by the directors. 

What do you earn?

Right now, nothing. We’re investing our time and energy into building something sustainable. However once AWB is able to pay for itself, we plan to draw a living wage. This will also apply to any future employees. 

We believe that this is what will work best for us. If we govern ourselves strictly, and are not motivated by profit, we can be sure to maintain the objectivity and clear conscience that our ‘people first’ mandate gives us. 

Are you a social enterprise or a charity?

It takes time, but we are registering ‘The Love Pack’ as a charity. This brings additional regulatory framework but we welcome the transparency this brings. 

As we have chosen to trade, AWB cannot register as a charity so for us a CIC is the closest most regulated type of organisation. We praise responsible businesses and individuals who choose to set aside a portion of their profits to help those in need. Another World Belfast can be defined as a social enterprise, however the definition of this is broad and open to abuse. It can cover any limited company, who could be trading ‘for profit’, keeping 100% and only making a tiny donation of unwanted goods to charitable causes, yet reaping a social benefit in sales. To us, this is unacceptable, using people’s emotions and highlighting a cause should not be a marketing strategy or a means to make personal gain.

Why no pictures of recipients?

We get asked by media to share photos of direct recipients with a love pack. To this we say “no way.” There is a fine line between raising awareness of an issue and exploitation of those who need support. At AWB we take this responsibility seriously. We advocate for the organisations who are experts in safeguarding the wellbeing of those they support. That means we will never show photos or anything that personally identifies an individual receiving support. However we will always use our platform to make noise and share the great work being done by our partner organisations.

What is the goal for Belfast? 

We are working towards fulfilling a massive need for a central location to manage both public and commercial donations of non food items. This will ensure fair and even distribution to multiple organisations based on needs. This helps them to save space, time, and resources so they can concentrate on what they do best; Providing invaluable direct care.

Are you looking for investment? 

We will never sell or hand over any control of Another World Belfast. However we will gladly accept ‘no strings attached’ relevant and appropriate funding or contribution to help us achieve our goals.